"Louque-pronounced Luke- offers music with meat on its bones. So Long, the bands debut, is electronic & reggae, alternative & hip hop, ballad-soft & rock sure. And it satisfies with every spin. The Brooklynite brings into his tunes all the elements of his native New Orleans-a touch of blasphemy & reverent respect that informs all of So Long- as well as the blues, country and rock & roll."

-Rolling Stone

On his debut album, So Long, Louisiana ex-pat Dustan Louque (pronounced, in the fine Cajun tradition, Luke) takes the best of his St. James Parish upbringing, adds a touch of his current home - hipster haven Williamsburg, Brooklyn- and comes out with a stellar record full of heart and, most of all, soul. It shouldn't be surprising that a man raised on equal parts Ice-T and Fats Domino has the ability to blend genres, but Louque's knack for combining elements of soul, R&B, hip hop, dancehall and New Orleans funk with such a subtle touch is hypnotically breathtaking. His smooth yet powerful voice provides the lynchpin that holds together each variation of style. From the languishing ache of "Perique" to the backbeat funk kick of "Kenny the Jet" and all of the flavors in between, Louque serves up a platter full of mighty mean musical gumbo.

Joe Hauler ~ URB


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-"Bear witness to a soundscape of proverbial empty rooms reserved for the heartbeats of insects in ancient speakeasy cathedrals. Paddle your way down a blue river with a black heart, to a deep-end sprinkled with constellations - hand in hand with your fellow man on a glorious mystery ride. And when the sun shall set on this night, you’ll leave better than you came, synapses repaired by a serenade from the prophet of sugarcane poetry and dub heartbeats." -Rebecca Rebouche


-“Chuck Fest” Lake Charles, La.

What a great performance. LOUQUE, one-of-a-kind, can relate to the audience in a way that draws one closer and leaves the crowd wanting more. I was thankful to be in attendance. Talented, unique musicians.

-About time! Saw Louque in 2005 and was totally drawn in. Bought “So Long” at the merch table. It remains in rotation today. But there’s always been a lacuna between that record & what @Louquetoo did next. There are records I love but rarely play. “So Long” is one I play often.